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Over the next few weeks we want to introduce you to the District 5110 Power of Podcasting Course. Every Tuesday for the next four weeks we will reveal a new instructor, sample lesson and interactive game.

Join us on the Voices of Rotary podcasting team. Learn how to tell stories, ask the right questions and even edit audio if you want. Help us share the incredible work that is happening in District 5110. The world needs to hear our stories.

Sample Lesson #1

Dr. Siobhan McHugh The Power of Podcasting

Dr. McHugh is an award-winning podcaster who teaches podcasting and Journalism at the University of Wollongong in Australia. She is a world renound instructor and has generously contributed to this course. Dr. McHugh will be one of the presenters at the Rotary Now!/Leading Change Forum on February 25

Play Video
Play Video

Matt Livadary
Storytelling Fundamentals for All

Matt is an award winning documentary storyteller and creative director. His goal is to create meaningful stories in all shapes and sizes – from documentaries to podcasts. Matt will also be presenting at the Rotary Now!/Leading Change Forum on February 25.

Your Training on Your Time

The power of podcasting is listening on your time. While you’re exercising. While you’re driving. While you’re living. You have a private podcasting channel so you can take the course wherever and whenever you want.

Editing – Telling the Story

The real power (and quite frankly the most fun) is in the editing. When you’re the editor you use voices, sounds, music, tempo to draw your listeners in. You are the conductor, these are the instruments and the symphony is the visual image you co-create with your listeners. This is the first step in the quick start program.

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